BCC, CC and Reply to not working?

I’ve got everthing working in my workflow ok - but whatever i do currently i cannot get copies of the email sent, nor does the reply to address change.

As below everything else is working fine - i’ve tried the addresses like shown with “” around them and as an expression, but no joy - i know i’m missing something obvious but cannot find it currently…

Any help appreciated :+1:

Hi @Dean_Barrett,

Is your app deployed?

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Hi Dean, does this send any email? Is your app deployed?

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Additional question, did you TEST workflow? Is it ended with success without error alert window?

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Apologies - yes app is deployed so i’m happy that workflow actions correctly - it picks up the email address from the table and sends complete with attachment.

I’m seeing this in test - i’ve only been using appsheet since yesterday so not totally understanding the test results yet


And error area of test


Please check the result from the Audit history. You can find it from Manage > Monitor > Audit history. Clicks “Launch Log Analyzer”. Then find that log with that Workflow name and check details. You probably see the reason from there.


Thanks for your Aleksi - it was my own fault !!

Misconfigured group settings in gsuite admin wasnt allowing external emails into a group email address…

Apologies for wasting your time



No worries… it happens😀