Beginner category!

Beginner category from the beginning slowly!
I am a beginner and I do not really know in which category such rudimentary questions should be put. I’ve done the application and got started, but would I need a little help holding my hand to make the sheet clear? Are there any from Finland ?
Help please!

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Dont worry too much about the sub category, just be sure list them as questions

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I’ve made an app and used a card setting on the front page that I can’t get any order ?? Is it possible if one of your experts went to see my app?

This isn’t clear to me. Can you explain further? Could you post a screenshot showing the problem?

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How do I get these in alphabetical order (photo1)?
I think the table is ok?
Where can I change the font size, order, etc. settings on this page (photo 2)?

Is it possible for one of your experts to see my app ?? Please.

This is other photo.