Behavior > Action > Image = using camera

I want to make an action where if you push the action button it will open camera and you take a picture and it attaches to the form. I know i can open the form scroll down and click the image icon and take a photo and save but i just want to make a quick action button so i don’t have to open the form and fill part of the form and take a photo and save. I just want to click the action button BAM! camera SNAP! now its in form.

Behavior > Action > Image = using camera2019-12-08-083056_539x419_scrot
image= ??? expression assistant doesn’t help me here
image = ??? its not yes, and i have tried a few things. Does anyone know what the command or expression i need to make the image = (takeAphoto)

Anyone know the answer to this puzzle

As far as I’m aware this isn’t possible; although I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

Please try this:
Create a slice out of your table and include only the Key column and the Image column.
Then Add an Action “Go to another view within this App”.
Here you set a deeplink to the sliced form.
This will open the form with only the image column. If you enable the Advanced Forms, the camera will open automatically.


Make sure to set the image column as required and hide Key Column (Turn off SHOW) after including it on the slice.


I made a sample App.
You have 2 possibilities:

  • via an Action
  • via quick edit in the detail view
The App is called IMAGES.

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Sadly the Advance forms automatically is not working as mentioned here. So that camera is not open up immediately. Will post it to AppSheet.

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Thank you so much for your input

Thank you so much for your input, I can make this work for the app. Thank you so much this will make it easier for my co-workers for the work order program i made for them

yes, my app lost the behavior to let the device camera automatically. Obvious bug. Is Appsheet dev team working on this problem?

I addressed it to Adam in the Post above. May take some time… If you don’t mind, you could add a comment in that Post as well.

Will do mate.

Bummer I like your app but i cant seem to make it with the current Database i have
I will try to figure a way to marry it to my DB

There shouldn’t be a difference in the data source. The App should work the same with any data source.

Following here

@Public_Works @jader_james @Jonathon @tsuji_koichi
I can tell that this is working now 100%.

Please have a look at my Sample App “Images”:

Under UX --> OPTIONS I had to disable “Allow image input from gallery”, so that the Camera opens directly without showing this Popup Message:

You can use or the Quick Edit Column or the Action “Add Image”.

FYI, you may want to repost the video. Unless, I’m doing something wrong to view it, it is terribly small and difficult to see what’s happening.

Yeah, i’m not seeing any different behaviour on my end yet :s

I was struggeling with GIF. For some reasons it was very small.
So here is a Video :slight_smile:

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