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I have an action set up (on table Districts) to go to another view within the app (table Assigned Coaches), which is set to Display Prominently. I would like the button to only appear if there are actually any assigned coaches to the district. I have a ref column set up (Short Name) that is the same on both tables.

I believe the solution lies in an “Only if this condition is true” expression, but I just don’t have the fluency to figure it out. I’ve tried several things with INDEX(), IN(), and CONTAINS() and have read all the help files on these. The closest I came to is:
CONTAINS(Coach Assignments[Short Name],[Short Name]=[_THISROW].[Short Name])
But this doesn’t return a True/False value.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Hi @David_Hundt

Maybe this ?

  FILTER("Coach Assignments",

I forgot some explanations going with my answer.
With CONTAINS, you are comparing strings of characters.
I think in your case, you just want to test if an item is in a list, and more specificly if a filtered list is blank. This is why I use a FILTER combined with an ISNOTBLANK expression.


Thanks so much, @Aurelien! It worked perfectly. I really appreciate the explanation to go along with it.


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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