Behavior expressions


Please help with this expression. The expression is correct, but it doesn’t work as expected.

To give you a background, I want to show the “ADD” button only to the initiator role and if the [Related Demand Documents] (Attach available documents providing details on the Demand (e.g., DS/US, etc.)) has no data.

Any suggestion?

It is not possible to control the display of the Add button according to the content of the row in detail view in which the in-line table occurs. You might consider the following as a workaround:

  • Create a read-only slice of the same table that will contain the added row.

  • Reconfigure the existing column to refer to that newly-created read-only slice.

  • Add a new action of prominence overlay or prominent that with a suitable Only if this condition is true expression that allows the app user to upload the attachment.

This is a noticeably different user experience, but is the best I can offer.

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