Behavior question


Right now, we have set up our app when a field changes from Not Received to Received…then an email goes out to folks who can only see their specific rows of data.

AND( [Gift Status]=“Received”, [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Gift Status] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[Gift Status] )

We have 1 user on the list who would like to be notified via text message and NOT email since she doesn’t check that email often. Is there a way to specify in the Do This Action area for this one user?


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Thank you for pointing to Action 2.

For Action 1:
I have emails automatically sent out to everyone with email in the data file (security filters applied).

So if I set up Action 2:
Am I able to specify to send Text and Email is fine too to ONE user? What is the notation for this?

I don’t want to text all the folks…just this one text number that I will enter.

Have you examined the available configuration options?

I see I can add a phone number for the text message, but how do I specify that the text only goes out to e.g. [Email] address. Only the person with this email gets the text message. ??

Is that possible? Seems like when I test that I get a text message when any gift is received. I don’t want that.

You’ll need to devise an expression that populates the target phone number with that of the user with the desired email address. How you do that will be entirely dependent on the structure of your data.