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(Alex Meraru) #1

I have 2 tables: Quarters and Invoices
Invoices has column [Quarter] ref to Quarter table, so Quarter has [Related Invoices].

My goal is that at the end of the quarter to email all the related invoices to my accounts department.

On table Invoices I have 2 actions:

  1. set on column [Status] - changes to “Sent” and then workflow (update) to send email to my clients
    So this one is done one by one - so far, so good

Now the problem:
2. set on column [Accounts] - changes to “Sent”

Where am I stuck?

I was thinking to have an action on table Quarter that somehow will run the action on column [Accounts] in the Invoice table for the [Related Invoices] of that quarter.

Once all the related invoices will have the column [Accounts] changed to “Sent”, then run a workflow that will send ONLY ONE email with all the invoices for that quarter attached.

Question 1:
How can an action on one table run an action on another table?

Question 2:
How can I include multiple attachments in one workflow based on having a column with the same value?
(here I am thinking will be a problem of synchronization too as the changes won’t be done in the exact same time - so probably a different solution needed)

Thank you!

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Provided I have understood you correctly, you want to mark [Accounts] column to “Sent” when you have sent those [Related Invoices] to your accounts department. Do you want to send a list of those invoices as a table or do you want to send them all as PDF attachments?

For marking [Accounts] column as “Sent” for the [Related Invoices] you should run a Data Change Workflow Rule where you define your dataset first and then apply an action to this dataset. Basically you need to construct a SELECT expression first and then apply an action of “Data: set the value of a column”, choose your [Accounts] column and set a value of “Sent”.

(Alex Meraru) #3


Thanks for your reply!


I invoice weekly and send the invoice to my client.

When the quarter has ended, I want to send an email to my accountant with all the invoices issued in that quarter.

I don’t want to send a list, I want to send the actual invoiced as pdf attachments.

( 3 months x 4 weeks = about 13 pdf attachments in one email )

If it’s possible, doing it by a single click

(Like an action on quarter)

(Levent Kulacoglu) #4

@AlexM yes it’s possible.
Under workflow email set-up, you will notice Other Attachments property at the end of the screen. Click the pen icon to enter an expression and provided you have a [InvoiceFile] column where you record your pdf attachment filenames (i.e. Clients/invoices/ClientA_20190301.pdf), you can construct a SELECT expression to select all the related invoices as per criteria.

(Alex Meraru) #5

Will try that!


(Levent Kulacoglu) #6

You’re welcome @AlexM