Behaviour not work


I’ve created resubmit button on Approval LPJ, but when push the button, the formula not worked, it’should be back to NEW status

I can’t send video format :sweat::sweat:

Pleasw help mee

I think there’s some syntax errors in your formula, that the expression assistant didn’t catch, that’s causing your problems; try the following formula instead:

IF(IN(UserSettings(Divisi), list(
  "Kepala Sekolah", 
  "Staff Keu Yay", 
  "Bendahara Yay", 
  "Ketua Yay", 
  "Pembina Yay"
)), "", [verify_by])
  • Notice the UserSetting column name is not in quotes, but instead just entered inside the (parenthesis)
  • Also notice that each item inside your list is wrapped in “double quotes”

If you’re looking for a good and easy way to share screenshots (and videos), check out CloudApp - it’s what I use for all my posts here in the community. There’s a Windows app you can download that makes sharing thins SUPER easy - like ridiculously easy. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for help…

But i think, i got the problem why the formula not working…it’s because there is another formula which connect another table, hmmmm it means " CIRCULAR FORMULA"

i’have two table PCR ( Petty Cash Request ) & PCS or in Indonesia is LPJ ( Petty Cash Settlement ), in the table LPJ, there is reference column to PCR which the status lpj is OPEN

This is a very confused to explained, now i’ll try to solved it…

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It’s my problem, there is Formula on Column [No Reff] which reference to another table

this formula to call transaction from another table ( PCR ) which the vc_status_lpj (type=virtual column) is OPEN,

these columns (vc_status_lpj) retrieve data from table LPJ

any idea for fixed it ?


I’m sorry I’m little help here, but I’m not sure I understand what the problem is.

You might fare better with reaching out to, where someone can actually take a look at your app and see what’s going on.