Behavoirs creating PDF Report Not Working as Before?

Behaviours creating PDF Report Not Working as Before.

Has something changed to SAVE as PDF?

Reports are no longer working.

Some images are not being shown in the reports?

Every time I generate a report different images are missing and replaced with a file name?

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Please contact for help with this.

Thanks Steve. I had done so now.

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I have the same problem, the report is being generated but cannot be downloaded from the display.

Please contact for help with this.


Downloading failures indicates an error in your behaviour or action.
Look at the Audit log for ‘red’ items. Its normally something wrong in the document templates.

My problem is that the images (that are there) are not being shown in the document.

This happened from time to time but I have not heard back from AppSheet support what caused it.

It’s is certainly not the app, it’s a problem with the AppSheet report engine.

It’s pretty serious from a user point of view and is stopping my rollout!

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There is a problem, although timestamp is turned off, some pdf files create new files with the same name. And the files created in this way do not open on the display, I get a red download error. Why are some files not updated but occurring again with the same name?


Not sure if it’s relevant to your problem, but AppSheet caches the PDFs (in my opinion it should not, or at least do it based on time and size to indicate a change, which is what proper cacheing should do IMHO)

The cache lasts for a long period (too long!)

So when you generate the PDF file of the same name you get an old cached copy (A really bad user experience).

The way I got around this want to use a counter in the filename and hopefully, after 20 copies of the PDF the cached copy would not be fetched. If 20 is not enough I would increase it.

Using a time stamp on the file would build up a huge number of files that would cost a fortune in storage eventually.

The other annoyances (that have never been resolved) are the lack of headers, footers, and page numbers. Appsheet is a great development environment but lacks proper PDF processing suitable for business reports.