Being the noob I am, is there a source where ...

(erwin blom) #1

Being the noob I am, is there a source where I can learn something about simple rules and formulas? For example, when making a slice I know how to filter all todo’s for me, but don’t know how I filter todo’s for ‘me or X’. That’s the kind of noob I am :wink: Don’t want to overask you lot!


Hi @erwin_blom You could try something like OR([Name]=“Me”,[Name]=“x”)

(erwin blom) #3

@Lynn Thank you!

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If you have more than just two, you could do the same like IN([Name],{Me,AnotherUser,3rdUser})

(erwin blom) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks again Aleksi! Would you know a place online where I can learn more about the elemental language? So I don’t have to bother you all!)

(Mary Jane Pender) #6

Erwin, click on the Support menu item in your apps page and search for things like Expressions, Functions, Logical Operators


A lot of these are used in Google Sheets, Javascript etc.

best wishes.


(erwin blom) #7

@Mary_Jane_Pender Thanks a lot!