Best Approach to Workflow Email With Generate...

(Colin) #1

Best Approach to Workflow Email With Generated Doc containing Images from Appsheet Data

What is the Best Approach to using the Behavior -> Workflow -> Email with a Generated Doc containing Images from Appsheet Data based on the Goggle Doc template?

Any examples I can look at under the hood please?

I am looking at using images stored on a google drive probably with a URL like this:{fileID}

as per:

(I would have liked a section about showing images via a google doc as sent via email in the body/pdf.)

If there are other or better techniques, please do reply and suggest them.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Instead of an URL, you can show the image just with the place holder like <<[ImageColumnName]>>.

(Colin) #3

What is the data type i define it as in the data - > columns tab then? (I am thinking of using a url to a shared file on a google drive.)

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Then it would be an Image column

(Colin) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio But an Image column will only store the file path of my local computer as I am only using a desktop?

I am trying to store this type of link to a image file in the cloud:{fileID}

and then display it on the google doc output.

(Philip Garrett) #6


When you app adds or updates an image contained in an image or thumbnail field, AppSheet automatically uploads the image to the data store where your worksheet resides. AppSheet automatically assigns a file name to that uploaded image. It then places that name in the appropriate image field in you worksheet.

If you simply reference that field name in you template, AppSheet automatically constructs an image URL to retrieve the image and display it in your email body or email PDF attachment.