Best Cloud Service for MySQL app?

Hi, I’m moving an app I built using Google Sheets to MySQL, I want to know which one is the best cloud service in terms of performance and price.

In the beginning, I’ll be testing the app so I don’t need something powerful and expensive but in the future the app could have several users.

Any ideas/advice on how to select the right service?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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As Appsheet is owned by Google, I’d suggest that Google Cloud’s MySQL would have the best…erm…“cohesion”. Certainly the best support. My usage of Google Clouds MySQL with Appsheet has certainly been pleasant. I can’t offer any insight into price or performance comparisons against any other service though.


Thanks for answering @Marc_Dillon

I tried Google Cloud’s MySQL but it was very expensive for a test environment (maybe I configured it wrong … I’m not sure … I’m new at this).

I’m looking for something that has a fixed price while developing/testing and flexible in the future (grow in terms of price as my app grows).

You could try Digital Ocean-