Best email Attachment content type for .Docx format

I am trying to make a attachment that would work similarly to how a mail merge would work, But it is not listed as a content type. I have tried setting it as a PDF but when I convert it back to a .docx the formatting is all messed up. I figure there must be a content type that would keep the formatting intact as it is in my custom template.

One option I thought of is to save it as a spread sheet and continue using a mail merge, but I really don’t want to go that route if possible.

How does/would an attachment work like a mail merge?

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So I guess what I mean by that is when I make my email template for my Appsheet report I can get very precise with the formatting down to each little space, highlight, underline correct. It all turns out fine when it turns it into a PDF but since the file type I want to work with is docx. The process of going from template(doxc.) To Appsheet report(PDF) to my desired file type(doxc.) I end up with weird formatting. So because from what I can tell I can’t output a Appsheet report to doxc. What would be the Appsheet output file type that would play nicest when converting back to docx.

It just seems weird to me that the template file is doxc. And I get that formatted 100% perfect how I like it, but there is no option to just take my info from the table and spit it out in my docx. file. I feel like I’m missing something…

The mail merge comment is because I use it with Excel files being converted to a docx file all the time and it has perfect formatting and that’s what I am after.