Best practice for referencing images

Could someone shed some light on the best practice for the following;

I have a read only table of category, type, image i am using as a reference table. The Garment column is a key/label and the image column is a label. It looks like the below

[Department] [Garment] [Images]
Outerwear Rainwear Garment_images/Rainwear.png

The referencing works fine, the image and label show up in my drop down lists.

But I am also trying to use an app formula to find the associated image column as an the main image for my Order Details page.

I was using a spreadsheet formula which was working but only after the sync occurred, pretty sure i can just create a VC in my order details page as show image type? or image type? I have tried a few formulas but cant seem to get the image to show…

Thanks for reading


HI Steve,

I didn’t explain myself to well there,

When i create a child record for an order, this child record is a ‘product’ type record that allows the user to select the ‘garment’ type, so thats working fine by referencing the ‘garment’ table that has text and image as labels. But i also want to set this child record’s main image as the same one that is being referenced

I have a folder named Garment_images within the same folder that has my spreadsheet on Gdrive.
I have the spreadsheet tab for the child records that has an image column, inside the image column cells i have the image file name value as per your link. ie: Garment_images/Tshirt.png

So far i have been using an array-formula in this image column in the child record spreadsheet, the array-formula just finds the Garment type and concatenates the file name value to build the correct value, obviously this is not ideal as the app cannot see that cell and hence display the image until it syncs the child record.

Im thinking there is a better way of doing this by using an appformula so that i can have the garment image show up immediately

I cant set the Image column to a Ref type, because the inline details view will not display ref as an image,
If i use a spreadsheet formula the app doesn’t recognize the image until after a sync,
I cant use a appsheet formula such as SELECT as that seems to want to find values and they don’t return as an image,

There should be a way of doing this as the app can already see these images in the referenced table, any other ideas?

You need a column (real or virtual) of Image type in the child Table. Set it’s App Formula to
[whatever your parent ID is].[image column]

Then you can set it in views.

EDIT: virtual is probably best if it is possible to change the parent image and you want any and all children to also reference new image.


Thats the one!, I was dereferencing it using the wrong key, thanks so much

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