Best Practice for Tables with a lot of parameters

(Adrian Enz) #1

Hello all,

I’ve been using AppSheet for almost two years. I’m pretty comfortable with it and built around 10 apps.

I do now have a new task, to create an app that requiers to capture a lot of data. In one table I almost have 150 columns to capture data. My problem is, that the AppSheet development platform gets really slow, when I load in tables that have that much column.

What would be a better way to store that much data, or is this the only way?

Thanks a lot in advance.


(Jan Halsema) #2

Hello Adrian,

We also built apps with a lot of data, we use the following practices for storing as little data as possible:

  1. Try to normalize the data as much as possible / makes sense (example)
    if you have a lot repeating columns (e.g. [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]) try to make that a separate sheet and link together using Appsheets UniqueID() or some other key.
  2. Check if you all your columns are necessary, if you have a column with data that you can easily figure out using a virtual column or looking it up in a different table, you can remove that column from your sheet.

I hope these tips help,


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