Best practices for tables and sheets

Asking a general question about tables and sheets.

When creating an app, should I be creating a single table with multiple sheets or multiple tables with only a single sheet. Is one option better than the other?

I built my apps based on multiple tables, however does this result in slower start up of the app? If I choose to go with a single table, with multiple sheets, does regenerate structure just regenerate the single sheet or the whole table? I have common issues with regenerate structure altering fields types and formula values, which makes it difficult when I only want to regenerate a table just to add one column.

Whats the general consensus on this?

Hi David,

As per my understanding, In one file you can create multiple sheets and in one sheet one table is best.
In this case when you regenerate the structure only that particular table changes will synchronize.

If your app is simple, the best option is to use one spreadsheet with multi sheets (= tables). When you regenerate the column structure, you are always doing that table by table.

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