Best Practices with Sheets & AppSheet

Hi everyone!

If you’re new to AppSheet or want to better understand how to best use a Google Sheet to build applications, join Google Workspace and AppSheet experts Christian Schalk and Charles Maxson as they show you how your Google Sheets data can become a helpful AppSheet app in no time.

We’ll show you how to create an AppSheet app from start to finish, including:

  • Tips and tricks when setting up your data in Google Sheets
  • Defining how your data works with AppSheet and your app
  • Customizing views in your app
  • Setting up actions and workflows
  • Questions and Answers

Anyone else having trouble launching the Best Practices webinar? I’ve tried opening my confirmed registration link in Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10 with no luck. I recall one of the email reminders mentioning needing Adobe Flash, which is weird as it’s 2021.

Apologies for the technical difficulty this morning. A recording will be made available to review at your convenience.

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I attended the webinar. How will the recording be made available? Will it be posted here?

Wondering where and how the recording will be made available.

Hi, has the recording been posted?

This looks side effect of the google engagement.
Before the google, this did not happen. The recording was posted swiftly after the sesssion.

Thanks! Where is it posted? Or do you mean that it is still not posted?

Not posted, as far as I know. Probably still being reviewed by Google QA team likely.

Got it. Thanks!

The recording of the session has been accessible via the link in the original post. You register for it like an on-demand webinar. It is not on youtube at this time.

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Thank you. I was able to access it via the “Join Online” button in the webinar confirmation email.

Hi everyone- I’ve updated this thread with an updated recording. You’ll be able to access this through YouTube now rather than the previously posted link.

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