Best sample app for workflows/reports?

I have a vision but not sure how to execute it. I’d like to create an app that has a menu of forms. Example shown in pic.

User would click on a menu item and be taken to a data entry form or series of forms to complete the required fields for each item. Upon completion user would either generate an email based on an action or a report would be emailed.

sample 202 form

sample 203 form. Most of the personnel info is not data entry but comes from a Smartsheet we are already using for check in.

Has anyone created an app simply for an easy user interface for data entry in order to generate formatted documents like the examples?

Any suggestions are appreciated. We’ve looked at excel workbooks with macros, various smartsheet dashboards, basically we just want to avoid having to type into each form as some of the info is repetitive and we are already capturing some of it in other places.

Thanks for reading this and giving it your time.

why don’t you use gallery view for the list of forms instead of deck or table view? And then associate action to open up a new form based on user selection dynamically?
Then each form should be prefixed for some fields based on users log in email ?