Best way to change a table name

Aleksi and team found the reason my app wouldn’t copy, the latest sheet I added had a name over 30 characters.

Now I need to rename it. What the best way to do this to prevent having to reassign data type, enumlist values, validIFs, etc in the table def in AppSheet?


Is it the appsheet table name, or google sheet table name that’s giving you heart burn?

Google sheet name according to Aleksi. It won’t let me copy the app with data.

what is the sheet name, and what is the table name in appsheet?

The same.
Sheet name: Instructions_Viewing_Public_Requests
AppSheet table name: Instructions_Viewing_Public_Requests

Thanks for your help.

If it’s truly the sheet name, then you could always change the sheet name to something smaller, and if you need to in app sheet you can explore the table source without changing the table name and app sheet and apply different that new sheet


Worksheet names can be changed at any time. Upon next app config save, the app editor will complain the table’s worksheet doesn’t exist. Just choose the new worksheet name:

You may have to reload the editor a few times before it sees the new worksheet name, but it will eventually.

There is no requirement that the app’s table name match or even have any similarity to the worksheet name.

Changing the worksheet name has no effect on the table’s column configuration in the app editor.


Thanks Steve. Great information. I continually find new things to learn. Thanks for stretching my brain.

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