Best Way to Navigate Between UX Deck Rows Using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() or Similar?

QUESTION: Is there a way to perform a simple, Action-based navigation between rows in the Detail UX, without growing the stack of “Back” (<-) button navigations?

I am trying to use Actions as a way to navigate between table rows within a Deck UX constrained by LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(). It’s like pressing the chevron buttons at the left and right of the Detail UX. There are additional actions I want to perform when this happens, so this why I am pursuing my own next/previous button. I also want the Back button in the top left to take the user in one step back to the parent UX from which the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() was first invoked.

I’ve prototyped the following for row to row navigation to preserve the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW constraint:

	"&row=",SELECT(Table[id], [_RowNumber]=[_THISROW].[_RowNumber]+1)

This gets me part way to the desired effect, but pushes one more navigation onto the stack of “Back” button navigations each time I invoke the Action. This makes the UX confusing because the user has to unwind each of their “new row” Action presses.

In a perfect world, I could call on an AppSheet function … something like NEXTROWINVIEW() … but I don’t think that exists. I’ve seen discussions on this community forum regarding navigation, but couldn’t find anything relating this to “Back button stack grows with each LINKTO… call”.

Hoping to keep the implementation as simple as possible.

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I don’t believe what you’re trying to do is possible.

The back and forth transition in big screen is annoying and confusing!