Best Way to Select From A Matrix?

Hi everyone,

I’m making a risk register for a safety app. As part of the register there’s a requirement for a severity (1-5) and likelihood (1-5) to be chosen for any given risk, which then determines a risk rating (H,M,L).

What would be a good way to have the risk rating self-calculate from the chosen severity and likelihood without writting masses of IF/And statements? Severity, likelihood and Risk Rating all would need to be visible as separate columns in the register (as evidence of thow the rating was determined).

The matrix is shown below.

Many thanks in advance!


Risk Matrix

If you intend to use the matrix as posted above, then simply multiply the likelihood value (1-5) by the severity value (1-5), and do an IFS statement:

  • IF result < 5, L
  • IF result > 9, H
  • ELSE M

This solution is mathematically true for the above matrix:

Note that this method may not work for all such matrices particularly ones which are not symmetrical across both axis.


Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for that, that’s a good idea, I was thinking along the lines of setting something up that would cover any matrix configuration but it’s probably easier to be mindful and make it symmetrical for any future changes, good thinking.