Best Way to Setup my Google Sheets?


Still new to this program, but it looks so promising! I’ve watched a few videos but haven’t found one that really guides me towards what I need so hopefully someone can help. I run a dance studio that offers private lessons with our clients. I am hoping to set up a very simple tool that allows us to have:

  • A searchable list of the students
  • A record of previous lesson summaries for each client
  • An easy way to toggle their activity status in their profile

We have made due with google docs, but it is very cumbersome. I am just really struggling with how to set up my google sheets in the best way to accomplish this. Any assistance, or if you can point me towards the right videos, it would be greatly appreciated!



In adition to what @Steve shared, i recomend you take the short free appsheet course that’s available in udemy: