Best workaround to display a tooltip like messages data entry form

New users are presented an “Add New User” form after opening my app. It captures their USEREMAIL() and has fields for pertinent info that I store in a USERS table.

One field needs very detailed explanation. I don’t like the look of using a long Description to label that field. Every other field has one or two word Display Names.

Is there any way to make a message pop up when the user clicks in that field and display a message?

It needs to be attached to just that one field, not to the whole form.

Thanks for any advice.

Nope, not in a form view. :frowning:

You could try something like this.
Create an additional column, Yes/No or Enum Type. This is basically a confirmation for the user to select after they’ve read the long text to make it disappear.
Set the Display Name value of the field to show the long explanatory text, only in CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Form”, and only when the new column is blank. And set it to display the short name in other cases.