Beta testing of the new iOS AppSheet app

Hi @Arthur_Rallu

I did not have much of feedback after quick testing, but I sent private email over to you.

I also noticed the improvement for scanning for scannable field. We could switch the front/back camera for scanning on iOS, which is good, thank you.


Sorry @Arthur_Rallu was with clients all week. Will do some deep testing this weekend.


Hi all,
We’ve rolled out a new version of the iOS app (14.2) that is rolled out to 2% of iOS AppSheet users.
We had some reports that barcode scanning does not work on some devices (iPhone SE, iPhone 7) with iOS 14.7.1. We have a reproduction case and are investigating it.
We’ve paused the rollout for now, but any user can still decide to update the app on their own. It’s recommended you wait if you have an older iPhone and until we fix the issue.

Thank you

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HI @Arthur_Rallu

Until we get a fix for scanning issue on old i phone, is there any mean avaiable to roll back the appsheet app version onto old one?

bug of version 14.2 cannot show file (ex. pdf) :sob:

What I have seen is the download dialogue is opened, but it does not do anything. At the end, the app is crashed and forced to close the app… instead of display the preview of the document (PDF).

I upgraded to 14.2, seems no way to revert back to older version to avoid to see those problems.

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App (new 14.2) is frequently crashed and forced to shut down automatically. This is annoying. (I have bunch of spaces and memories over my phone , i Phone 11)

To display images, it takes time and make it worse, we lost loading icon for image files while we await for the app to render images. Even worse, some images are not displayed even after we wait for a while.

Hi tsuji_koichi,
can you please file a support issue? We are trying to repro your issue…would be ideal if you can attach the pdf document or give access to your app with repro steps. Thanks.

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Users that are impacted may be able to scan in landscape mode. It would be nice if users can confirm that’s also the case for them or not.

We’re still working with the ML Kit team to solve this issue.

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I will send private mai to you to share app to repro the problem.

Hi @Arthur_Rallu

I tested with i phone 7 with landscape mode. Yes, it does scan while the portrait mode still issue, not scanning codes.
On the landscape, it does read, but it takes a little while after we holding scanner over the bar/qr codes, not quick and easy scanning experiences.

Hello, I am building a new APP with barcode scan feature and in iPhones does not work, after clicking the scan icon it seems to try starting the camera to allow scans but disappears immediately even before you can see it, in some cases (randomly) the camera opens up to scan but it is like 10% of the time.

I try scanning in landscape but the behavior is the same.

In general, scan feature seems not to be working on iPhone.

Please help!

Please contact Support for help with this.

Ok perfect, thank you Steve, I will.

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Is there a way to add a video showing the bug to the support request?

Not to my knowledge, but that would be a question best directed to Support.

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@Felipe_Engelberger_A once you submit a ticket via the Login - AppSheet form, and someone responds, you will receive an email response. You can then attach a file (video) to the email you receive and send it back. Alternatively, you can upload to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive and provide a link in the ticket.


Thanks Rob!!

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I don’t think this is true anymore. I just got a response to a bug report but I saw it inside my editor. Now that I have closed it, I don’t know how to display it again. If you would be so kind as to double check on this and report back, I’d appreciate it. I need support support. :wink:

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Hi @Rob_Just !

I’ll answer my own question: The response doesn’t come via e-mail but you can respond to your response with an attachment: