Better confirmation control on LINKTOFORM

Hi! LINKTOFORM produces a populated form that looks pretty much the same as what the user sees when he or she edits a record. The difference occurs if the use decides not to proceed after getting to the form menu. If you are editing a record, you don’t get a confirmation message about the possibility of losing changes unless you have manually editing something yourself. However, with LINKTOFORM, since the form is populated by the LINKTOFORM action, AppSheet considers it to be “edited” and won’t let you cancel without the following warning about lost edits:

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 18.01.05

This is perfectly reasonable if you understand the internal workings of AppSheet. However, from the perspective of the user, nothing has been “edited” yet. So, the warning about lost edits is a little disconcerting. Moreover, we don’t seem to be able to turn warnings about lost edits off in cases like this.

So, it would be nice if we could be give more detailed control of warnings in the context of LINKTOFORM. Personally, I’d like to be able to set the app to “no warning” if the LINKTOFORM data has not yet been edited but to have a warning if the user has tried to change something.