Better Form UI with Tabs

I would appreciate if appsheet team can work on a better UI for Form. Adding unnecessary column in the database to get the form split into Tabs is only disrupting the database. That is definitely not the best way out. Its only a tweak thats making the otherwise neat database dirty with unnecessary Columns + a whole lot of work to add columns , and then setting the type and so on.

I use virtual columns for this.


How ? Virtual columns are only placed in the end … How do you divide columns into different tabs ?

I use slices and/or form views to order the columns.

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  1. Создать виртуальный столбец с такими параметрами

  2. В представлении Form (view) настроить порядок полей по желанию с разделительным виртуальным столбцом. Это и будет границей между вкладками формы.

С уважением


Thanks Steve. I did try that other day I guess but had problems … When you start ordering the rows, all the tabs disappear … Let me try again and see if I made mistake.

Thanks Mate… That’s really helpful. Appreciate. Let me try this way.

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