Better search capabilities within the AppSheet editing interface

As AppSheet has grown, it has become possible to develop apps in which columns, actions, and expressions interact in increasingly complex ways. The ability to build more complex apps is great but it can be very difficult to figure out what is connected to what when one returns to an app after some time has passed.

We can use our browser’s search function in some contexts to solve such puzzles but the current search function is extremely limited.

So, here’s my proposal: Add the capability to the AppSheet editor to create a text file (either to download or display in a browser winder) that includes ALL of the text in our app: all of the column names and their associated formulas, all of the actions and their associated formulas, etc. Such a text file could then be searched comprehensively using either the browser’s search function or the search function in a text editor.

Primary reason for requesting this feature: It’s easy enough to find the columns that are referred to in an expression but very hard to answer questions like “What expressions in this app refer to this column?” or “What actions in this app invoke this action?”

By the way, the AppSheet editor currently has a Spec tab in the “info” section. The animation is cool but, to be honest, I have never found this feature to be particularly useful. I think a complete list of all of the actions, columns, expressions, etc that is fully searchable would be far more useful – though not as pretty. :wink:

This request is related to an earlier one by @TalkNet_TechnoStore:

That post did not get any positive responses but I suspect that readers may not have recognized the utility of such a search feature.

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Thanks for your attention!

By the way, what I have in mind is analogous to the search capability in Google sheets:


I’d particularly like to have the option to search within formulas (expressions). Perhaps checkmarks for “All tables” “All actions” etc. might be useful too.