Better Way of Trouble Shooting Reports

I am writing to express my frustration with the audit log update time.
I, like I assume most people when they start writing reports don’t know what I am doing so there is a lot of trial and error to understand the intricacies of the syntax.

As I write this I have waited more than 10 minutes for a response from the server as to the results of the last time I tried to run the report to debug it. I know I pushed the “run” button (I’ve actually pushed it a few times to be sure) but there is no indication in the audit log I even ran the report.

Am I missing something? Or do I have to endure this frustration as I learn the syntax?

UPDATE: OPPORTUNITYREPORT-508273 is the app, I have now changed the report and run it successfully and still no update to the audit log for close to 25 minutes.