Better way to make start page?

I’ve used this:

To make my own start-page/menu for the diffrent views in my app. But the “Small” image size have space for text underneeth that i do not want or need. Everything get’s a bit to big. And the tiny ones are a bit to small. And also the tiny images don’t arrage themselfs in a predictable grid on diffrent phones. Just one after the other.

Is there another way to make a nice startpage that I’ve missed? Maby with a table-view with images in it? That way I would get total control over columns and rows. Or multiple gallerys in a deck. To at least group the tiny icons.


Have you tried to use Deck view? You could show some descriptions and even actions if it’s needed.


Very interesting! Will definetly try it. Thanks!


Something like…


Sorry to bother you, @Aleksi, but could your recommend a sample app that shows how to do this. I’ve used deck view a lot but I haven’t used it in this way yet.

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@Kirk_Masden The table structure is not more than like this and then you just create a Deck view for that table. When you set the App column as “App” you can choose it for the Event action and it will open the view directly.

Name Description Icon APP Link
Name #1 Plaa plaa Icons/Icon1.jpg #control=ViewNameA
Name #2 Plaa plaa Icons/Icon2.jpg #control=ViewNameB
Name #3 Plaa plaa Icons/Icon3.jpg #control=ViewNameC

Hi @Kirk_Masden
Have a look at the Rig check sample app for examples.


Thanks @Aleksi! Thanks @Lynn! Your tips will help me learn a new trick! :slight_smile:

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Thank you kindly! Will check it out!

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This was a REALLY good suggestion! So much more flexibility. Now I can have multiple links in my table for every item. One when the row is clicked and other when swiped left or right. So I have “add new” on click. But list of all on swipe. And/or I can add the icons on every row!

Is there a way to get a link to the icons used within appsheet? I would like the main image to simply be one of the standard icons.

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Another thing… I’ve made a few actions now. On one of my menu items I want an action that adds a row in a diffrent table. If I put the action on a row swipe it works. But if I put in in the action bar it doesn’t show up. Why is it that the “Data: add row to another table…” Won’t show up in action bar when other action does? Same settings as the other actions. Only difference is the action type.

I could live with having it on swipe, but opposed to action bar it does show up on swipe for every menu-item even if it only adds a row according to my formula in:
“Only if this condition is true
This action is available only for rows of the table that satisfy this condition”

Doesn’t look so clean so I rather have it in the action bar if I could figure out how to get it to show there! ANy thoughts?

Hi @Martin_Eidensten
If you are after the icons I used in the Rig check forms I used the ones that pop up when starting a new app using “Spec”

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I’m afraid you are not able to choose icons directly for the Deck view’s records

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Thanks! I’ll just get the icons from fontawesome then.

Any thought as to why my “Data: add row to another table” action won’t show up in the Deck action bar?

Are you working with a slice? If you are, you need to make sure that the action is in the slice.

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Or you haven’t added that action into your Deck view.

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No slice and it works on other types of action than “Data: add row to another table”. If I change the action type under behavior I can see the action button appear and disappear in the deck action bar based on the type of action I choose. Kind of hard to explain. I can try to make a video if it helps.

EDIT: Solved it. Turns out I had the menu-table as read only. Nothing ever changes in this, but it prevented certain actions from showing. Verry happy now!

Would be even more epic if I could trigger diffrent actions on swipes on diffrent menu items. Will give that a think. Maby an action that triggers other actions. And the first action just determine what other actions should trigger based on the menu item. Drawback I guess is that the swipe icon will be the same on all menu items, but still might be cool.

This was EPIC! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Is there any way to get rid of the possibility to select my menu-items? Other than to make the table read only (that breaks one of my actions).

See picture for how it looks now.

You are probably using an action “Go to app link” when clicking the item. Because it’s an action, you can set the condition rule. If the result is false, it won’t do anything.

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