Beware: All apps were blocked because of moving an app to prototype

OK. I have to say I am really dissappointed. There is something very wrong with the appsheet system:

  • Today ALL my deployed apps were blocked, and even the ability to get support because:

I retired an old app back to prototype mode a couple of weeks ago and removed all users from it. Some users still tried to connect, or appsheet system remembers that they did connect this month with this app and that made the system think that 34 people had connected to a prototype app where the limit was 10! And ALL MY APPS and all our operations went down. Even the ability to get support.

I had to DELETE *(or Deploy) the app, that I actually wanted to have for reference if I had to use parts of it in a new app later. Even though the app didn’t have any users anymore.

Please fix this so noone else gets this problem!

*Late edit

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Please contact for help with this.

I did. After I had deployed the app again.

I’m just warning anyone on here:

If you want to take an app back to prototype, you have to leave it deployed with less than 10 users for a month, before you can move it to prototype. Or all your apps that you pay for and use for business will be locked and not accessible.

On the support page, the “Send” button was greyed out. So I couldn’t send a ticket for help with the issue.

Insane right?

This was truly a bad monday. People coudn’t access their work schedule, they couldn’t fill gas on the company cars, they couldn’t access maps of customer location etc. :poop:

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