Beyond prototype [business query]

Hello! I enjoy Appsheet immensely and this last years development has made it possible for me to start working on a functional app prototype.

Why prototype? I know I need a lot more native mobile fuctionality and other things out of scope of Appsheet as of now, but - Appsheet is actually awesome that allows me to create a barebone version without programming knowledge.

I now wonder if the community knows of any reasonable developers who might be approached with this Appsheet app? I want android and ios apps initially but desktop might supplement those later.

I have no idea to get hold of a decent developer for a small meagre startup project, and if I got abundant funding overnight, who should I approach?

Thanks for being a part of this community, I learn a lot from you every day!


We are an AppSheet Partner and Developer since 2015 and we have developed a bit more than 500 app since then. We will be glad to help you out and you can reach us via