Big blank space in emails

Hi All,

I have a couple of workflow rules which sends an email on certain conditions.
The email body is taken from a template.

There is a large gap at the top of the email. I cannot reduce it. I tried removing the pre header but it doesn’t work and if I live some blank spaces, it is again auto-filled. Also, if I keep “” in the preheader, it shows as it is in the email.

This is really bugging me a lot and can’t seem to find any way around it.

Please help.

Are you using an email body template?

Yes. I am taking the email body from a template.

Unfortunately, when using email body template, that blank space is there. I have no idea for why it’s there, but I’ll chime in @Phil


Okay. That is very strange.
Maybe Appsheet team can consider it as a feature request as it would be really useful for users to able to format the emails and make them look better.

I believe if you enter a single empty space in the PreHeader, then this problem goes away.

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Hi @praveen @Phil There are still approximately 6 blanks lines more than the non template version that seem to be impossible to remove after trying every trick in the book, (which removed about 5 blank lines) That is after reducing blank space on the template and page setup as well.

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. Your app name
  3. The workflow rule name

Sure, Phil.

Account-ID - 153952
App Name - Arbologie-153952
Workflow rule name - There are 6 workflows to send an email. All of them have the same issue. You can test any of them.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you, Praveen. But it still doesn’t fully resolves the issue. There is a still a gap on the top, although it’s reduced a bit after I implemented your suggestion but still a big gap.

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@praveen I have this issue as well. Is there any update? I tried your suggestion to no avail.

Please contact for help with this.


This is not fixed. I have tried all the suggested tricks. I put 0 margins. The document was already A4. I tried changing the title to a title and then to a header then removing it. I put a space into the PreHeader which got ride of the text at the top but…

Theres still spaces. When people goto print this document its a huge waist of space. I need a fix for this.

I did an inspection of the site and here is the code i get for the gap. This is obviously some sort of tracking for your app. What I dont get is why it has a width and padding. Please fix.

< div class=“m_-8987251363007154829c16” style=“background-color:#ffffff;max-width:468pt;padding:72pt 72pt 72pt 72pt”>< img src=“” height=“1” width=“1” class=“CToWUd” hidden="" style=“display: none !important;”>< /div>

@praveen @Phil

Hi Yakko,

I can investigate and get back to you. Can you please share:

  1. Your account id
  2. Your app name
  3. The workflow rule name
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I have this problem on 1 of the apps but not on others, I’ve compared the templates on both apps but can’t seem to find the cause.
1 thing I’ve noticed is that the blank space does not appear in Outlook.

Hi @Steve @praveen

Any update regarding this sirs? im laso having this problem.


If you are using a google doc for template, this method can help.

  1. Go to page setup in the file menu.
  2. Check if the orientation is portrait and page size is A4. If not, then change it to portrait and A4.
  3. Make the top and bottom margin 0.

In the Appsheet workflow, add a single space in the preheader if it is empty.
Send an email and check whether it works.
I hope it helps.