Big Bug: cmdZ in Editor actually did AppSheet Undo

I was editing a ValidIF expression and did CMD-Z to undo a change in the editor and it actually rolled back AppSheet changes that had been saved. I had pressed CMD-Z multiple times (like 5) so it took me back to an hour earlier in my work. Thankfully I caught what was happening and was able to Press the REDO button and re-implement all the work it had undone.

Anyone else seen this happen in the expression editor?

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I don’t typically use the shortcut keys so I can’t attest to your situation. The problem I consistently have is if I undo something and then try to save again I always get the error ‘There is another version open’ or something to that and I can’t continue saving.

I’ve been bitten by this numerous times. It all depends on where the cursor focus is.

I guess I could have moved the cursor but it was right after editing the expression. I’ll be more aware the next time.

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Hi Lucinda,

You should only be allowed to undo changes that happen in between Saves. There was a bug filed a couple of days ago about users being able to undo changes that had previously been saved; the fix for that went out today :slight_smile: