Big Plus Icon Appear at Top

What’s going on?

Every time I log on to AppSheet the UI is changed for the worse!

Now the big PLus Icon is at the top of the View when a View is displayed in a dashboard.

This is in Mobile Phone View


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See this screenshot

The blue icon is hidden by the blue bar!

It varies in position depending on the number of items in the Deck view

But, it shouldn’t even be there in this view. Bt if it was it should be at the bottom.




  1. Also, the Button is not in the correct colour anymore (desk views). It’s purple, not blue on some screens?

  2. And If I don’t want to have the ADD icon on a dashboard view, how do I disable it?

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Sorry for the trouble, both the color and position issues should be fixed now. Near the bottom of UX > Options there is an option to disable overlay actions in dashboards.


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Thanks, Steve.

I guess there isn’t a way to conditionally diable on certain dashboards?

You can, using the Only if this condition is true expression for the system-generated Add action of the (data) table.

To disable the Add action in all dashboard views:

NOT("Dashboard" = CONTEXT("ViewType"))

To disable it only in the dashboard view named My Dashboard:

NOT("My Dashboard" = CONTEXT("View"))

Excellent. Thanks Steve

The PLus Icon colour is correct now, but the Yes/No toggle on a details screen is still purple!