Big problem, for me, with Search

I have multiple views based on a slice. The slice carefully displays ONLY columns I want displayed to the users viewing them. The slice does NOT include GEO_NO but the base table for the slice does. Users can search on one of the views for the name of the Country which is the label for the GEO_NO ref and find it!!! Even though neither the reference nor the label appear in the slice.

To me, this is a huge security hole. Shouldn’t the search be limited to the data underlying the view on screen? In this case, my slice?

I want to be able to use search throughout my app but CANNOT if it ignores the slice and goes to the base table. Please help.

Search searches the entire App, not the view you are on. So if there is anywhere where it is visible and searchable, it will appear from search. Slices are not a security feature.

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A “solution” is implementing your own “search”. The quotes are because that’s a terribly tedious task and not elegant. Can you disable the GEO_NO being searchable? If you don’t need to search by that column you can eliminate it from search without hiding the column.

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But it displays it based on the view I’m on, correct? So isn’t it logical that it would only search what is shown?

Oooo…wait… something may have changed since I last used it… Hold on.

Ok so, yeah, there was a change since I last actually used it. So yeah, if the base table’s column is searchable and there is a result that would match in the slice, it will still appear. That’s just normal. You’d have to turn off searchable as @Austin_Lambeth said.

I believe the only way the slice would not show it, would be if the result wouldn’t show up in the slice for other reasons.

There is a valid reason that it can search non displayed columns; where you don’t want to search columns that aren’t shown someone else might want to be able to search a column without displaying it.
(In the context of searching slices by columns that aren’t included I will call bug)

I could, but there are other instances where I want the user to search by that column. The same user has the freedom to search by that column depending on the view they are on. i.e. depending on the data displayed to them.

I’ve already implemented a filter/query form where the user can search by multiple parameters, yes, it wasn’t fun to make. I guess I’ll need to decide which columns I CAN NOT let them search by, using the built in search, which I safely can and which I have to build another filter/query tool for. And, if search can even be turned on at all. Ugh. Thanks for your help @Austin and @Bahbus

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Perhaps a request (if there isn’t one already) to make Searchable based on an optional expression.

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I at least recommend a email to support asking if that’s bug or intended.

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What if you create a filter per column to avoid displaying what you want?
You can use the user’s email to filter using a formula