Big thank you for Column Ordering in Forms!

Since I was just complaining about some other bugs in another post, that were brought about by new updates, I figure I’ll balance it out by posting this “thank you” to the Appsheet developers that I’ve been meaning to do.

:trumpet: Being able to adjust column ordering inside each individual form has been HUGE and has saved soooo much time and effort. Thank you!!! :clap: :partying_face:


Balance has been restored. You may resume complaining. :joy:

Seriously though, this was a MAJOR improvement! Thanks AppSheet!


Can’t can’t CAN’T agree more. This was SUCH a huge thing partyparrot (Appsheet)


Can you describe how to do that in the form? It is NOT obvious…

Isn’t this OBVIOUS ENOUGH?? What do you think the name “Coumn order” implicates?

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Ok. I didn’t see the “obvious” because I was using one of the sample Inspection apps and the only two views are a DECK view and a CALENDAR view. I should have explained that. When you add a new item in the DECK view, it opens into a detail form view. The problem is, is that form seems to be created on the fly and settings details are NOT accessible. When I create a NEW VIEW of type FORM, then yes, I see the screen you are talking about with the ability to order the columns. But now I have TWO forms and ONE calendar. Now I have to figure out how to reconcile that. Have you ever worked with the DECK view?

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Ok. I think I found it. It is considered a REF view FORM under system views. I’ve only been working with this environment for about 4 hours…so still figuring it out.

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That’s the system generated Form UX. Provided you haven’t enabled Show System Views from the UX pane, it’s probably hidden by-default. Click the button to show them, and you will notice it as YourTableName_Form

Well, being an AppSheet Partner and Developer since 2014, I believe I should have been worked.


I believe it should be better to read this as well then:


Ok. Thanks. I’ll read more and ask less.

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