Billing for a secure public apps

I am trying desperately to convince my dozens of clients to use Appsheet.
However, I am not sure if I just don’t get the billing or if I am missing something.

I just spent a lot of time on one project building a catalog & shopping cart, (it works great), however in order to deploy it from what I understand every customer would have to have a $5/month or $10/appsheet license? What if we had dozens of different customers browsing and adding items to their cart?

in other words, how do you use Appsheet for displaying secure data to your customers without paying $5 to $10 per customer every month! That’s can’t be! What am I missing?

Hi @Daniel_Tanguay1,

Appreciate you posting your question on here. The short answer is, we don’t have a subscription option to support an unknown volume of end users along with secured app access.

If we actually dig into what a secured-public app would be, it wouldn’t be possible using our terminology, as a “secured” app implies a gated point of app access, whereas a “public” app denotes unrestricted access to an app and it’s displayed data.

Now, all of this said, I would strongly encourage you reach out to my team at to have a chat around all your options for deploying your app to your clients.

Hope this helps!

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Same issue here, the pricing per user seems too high for a lot of people. Google Cloud could subsidize Appsheet as it could be a great entry point for new users, including AWS users who don’t have access to a great low code too lie Appsheet…