Birthday display

How do I get birthday on my App to display as day and month instead of showing day,month and current year?

Day([Birthday])&" “&Month([Birthday])
Day() gets the day of the month from a date, &” "& concatenates a space inbetween day and month, Mondy() gets the month of the date.

And where do I put this Day([Birthday])&" “&Month([Birthday])…
Can you give me step by step instruction on how to fix/configure this. Birthdays are currently displaying with current year eg May 1,2020 for someone whose birthday is on May 1. I need to get rid of the year in the displays. Thankyou

Create a virtual column call it Birthday No Year. Set the formula to be Day([Birthday])&" “&Month([Birthday]), set the Display name to be “Birthday”.
Go to wherever you’re displaying this and change the field from Birthday to Birthday without Year.


TEXT([Birthday], "MMMM D")

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