Bisakah appsheet menggunakan penyimpanan online pribadi atau perusahan?

Bisakah appsheet menggunakan penyimpanan online pribadi atau perusahan?

In English language please. Thanks.

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AppSheet can only use data stores that are accessible over the internet. So long as your personal or company online storage is accessible over the internet–and is a supported storage type–AppSheet should be able to use it.

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Pada tanggal Sen, 13 Jul 2020 17.11, Firdaus via AppSheet Creator Community <> menulis:

Seperti kata @Steve selagi mana datanya boleh diakses melalui internet dan jenis storannya juga disokong oleh AppSheet sepatutnya anda boleh menggunakannya.

Let me clarify: AppSheet can use any supported, internet-accessible databases for data storage. I do not believe AppSheet can use just any file storage system. If you want to use your own file server with AppSheet, I don’t believe that is possible.

"Unable to fetch app definition. Error: app blocked. Please help me solution

You payments have been failed, you have been notified with AppSheet but I believe you had missed them and as your subscription payment is due for a long time, you app is blocked for usage. If you login to your AppSheet account, you can see a yellow exclamation mark next to My Account tab. You need to correct your due payment and contact