Bit of an odd question, but, is there a possi...

(Bradley Kennedy) #1

Bit of an odd question, but, is there a possibility that =TODAY() would ever give the wrong date?

Where does the date come from? The users device?

Thanks in advance

(Grant Stead) #2

Yes. The users device. So they could make their date and time all messed up…

(Bradley Kennedy) #3

Dam, Okay thanks for the info!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Well, technically, the TODAY() function could run either in the app on the device or in the AppSheet cloud backend (when computing virtual columns or workflow rules). In the app, it is based on the time indicated by the device. On the backend, it utilizes the timezone offset indicated by the device and generates the value of TODAY() taking that into account. So the value at the backend can at worst be off by less than a day if the device sends a completely wacky timezone offset. But the value on the device can be way way off if someone decided to change the date say to 2001.

Btw, anyone changing the time of the device may inadvertently mess with the authentication tokens and see various signin problems as well.