Black square hiding part of the editor interface?

On my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.15.7), in Chrome browser (ver. Version 89.0.4343.0), when I go to Ref Views under UX section (and sometimes in other places in the editor), I’m seeing a large black square when I try to expand out any given view to see the fields in that view. It prevents me from editing or even seeing the fields in that view. Screenshot attached. Anyone encountered this?

Which browser are you using? Chrome ?

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Yes, and I listed the Chrome version and OSX version in my post. :wink:

Do you think it’s a browser issue?

While we run appsheet app and open up appsheet editor with browser other than Chrome, we see bunch of unexpected behaviors, so I simply thought your problem could be the same root cause.
But still it is possible it could be browser (as far as you open with Chrome) is root cause, as far as other app creators see the same problem.
It s worth doing clear the cache from your browser and see how it goes.


Please contact for help with this.