"Blank" heading in submenus

Any idea why the “blank” heading is always showing. Is this by design and/or can I remedy it somehow?

It is a list filtered by column value.

In this example “Blå (plenklipp)”

Does the column have a Display Name expression? If so, please post a screenshot of it.

It was because it is sorted by a “day” field, and some of my category types don’t make use of a day field.

It is distracting to users to see the “blank” in bold letters. There is no localize workaround, and probably no way to hide it?

I dont think it is avaiable to change the Blank label.

It should not be perfect work around, but you may create virtual column with expression something like

IF(ISNOTBLANK([Date]), text([Date]), “No Date”)

and make this text fields for grouping column.


Thank you. I’ll have a look!