Blank rows


Do blank rows in a sheet get calculated when resyncing an app. Would a resync with 10000 rows of which 5000 are blank take the same time as a sheet with 10000 rows that all have data?



You will find this statement in the below article:

For maximum app performance, delete blank columns and rows.

As always, sync time is heavily dependent on the complexity of the virtual columns’ App formula expressions. Blank rows in a spreadsheet do not significantly affect those computations.


My hypothesis is that 5000 blank & 5000 with data will be slower than just 5000 with data and faster than 10000 with data. But what I suggest is you do an experiment:

1 = Put the table in read only mode with a 5mins update frequency so that every 5mins it will be force to send the entire table
2 = Do 3 syncs 5mins apart, checking our the read rows figure in Performance Profile
3 = Add 5000 blank rows to spreadsheet
4 = Repeat 2 above
5 = Report back with findings :slight_smile:

If your using Google Sheets, I use the Crop Sheet addon to remove extra rows & columns. Though it only works outside the data.