Blank Slices

Hello all,

For some reason when I try to create a form out of a slice the form comes up blank even though the table and slice itself should be populated with plenty of columns and rows. I emailed AppSheet support and they couldn’t replicate the issue. Any ideas?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please post a screenshot of the non-working form from the emulator within the app editor. Please include in the screenshot the entire emulator panel, including the app screen and the bar at the bottom that identifies the view and table in use.

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Thanks for the screenshot. Nothing obviously wrong there.

Next thing to look at: are the missing columns possibly hidden by their respective Show? (Show_If) settings?

See also:

Thanks @Steve

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Okay, no problem there.

Next: is the slice configured to allow adds and/or updates?

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Yes it is

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Ooookay. :confused: An the underlying table, too?

I did having something like this before, it was the editable? button accidentally switched to off.
Maybe similar case?


Yay! The Editable? button was switched to off because I had to delete a spreadsheet formula. Thank you both :slight_smile: