Block additional changes after a sync error is encountered (optional)

I would like the option to block additional changes after a sync error has been encountered by a user. Currently if a user encounters an error that prevents them from syncing, they can just continue piling on changes that will never go through.

It would be much easier to manage user expectations if they only had to discard 1 sync instead of ignoring the first error and then making 100 more that all have to be discarded.

I understand that in some cases data recovery may be the preferable option, so I suggest that this feature be configurable per app.

@APiCC_Conor Exactly!

A user could be offline for days (on an iPad) doing many updates only to lose them ALL because of just one bad record.

Recovery for JSON data is NOT a feasible option.

I wish more people would realise how serious this SYNC issue is.

(especially when invalid data in hidden fields on forms ate NOT validated.)