Block of Keys for each user

“If the system gives up having the record number increase strictly monotonically and reflecting the exact order in which the records were created, then it can give each app user a block of numbers that only that specific user uses for newly added record key values. The block of numbers reserved for each app user must be large enough so nobody runs out of preassigned numbers while working offline. The record number keys are no longer strictly monotonically increasing and they don’t strictly reflect the order of creation, but they roughly reflect the order in which the records were added.”

Hello appsheet this above paragraph is in the sequential keys article. I am wondering how I would go about creating/assigning a block of numbers to users to use as keys?

Hi Curtis,

I wrote the article regarding keys and included this hypothetical approach for assigning semi-sequential keys for completeness, but I don’t recommend implementing it. I fear the complexity of it.

What are you trying to achieve?

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Its okay Phil I will go for another solution/key setup. I was trying to achieve the semi sequential key set up but its really not all that important.

Thank you