Board Game Selector if possible

So I am a newbie. I do not even know if this is possible. Basically, I have all my board games on one table. Then on another table, I have the list of games with game mechanics on another table. Basically I want an app that I can mark different check boxes and get back games that match. Example I mark Family game and deck building. I want the results to come up with anything that has those two things. So can this be done in app sheet and can anyone direct me to any instructions on doing something like that.

Thank you!

Hi @Christine_Myers

Welcome to the community !

Yes it is possible.

You may want to start with a very basic app, such as “Simple Inventory”, in order to understand mechanism involved, then use a Slice.

Table required, in my opinion:

  • Boards games, columns: key, name, category, mechanics
  • Board games category, columns: key, name, check_YesNo
  • Mechanics, columns:key, description, whateverYouWant :slight_smile:
  • board games with condition: [Category].[Check_YesNo]=yes

Columns key should have initial value expression UNIQUEID(), and show property OFF
Columns that have the name of another table, should be of type Ref and have the Source Table set as necessary.

For reference: