Book log app. Book is penned by multiple authors. How to show it under each author separately

Hello wonderful Appsheet community!

Even in the midst of plenty of options for an app to keep track of books I read, I ventured to create my own.

It has 4 tabs: Books, Authors, Read, Unread.
New books are added to ‘Books’ (new books are assumed as unread and hence all new books also get copied to ‘Unread’). Authors are added to ‘Authors’. Books when completed are added to ‘Read’ alongwith a review and summary. Books that have not been reviewed are assumed to be unread and stay in ‘Unread’.

In the form to add new book, ‘author name’ was Ref type at first. As a result, all the books written by an author were displayed when the author was clicked upon. But, many books are multi-authored. So, I changed the ‘author name’ as EnumList type and base as Ref. But, as you might alreday be guessing, the multi-authored books don’t show up under respective author view (because I haven’t added a way for the app to do such thing).
So future of this app now hangs on the question that, can such thing be achieved? If yes, then please guide me in achieving it.

Thank you everyone in advance.

You could try replacing the existing App formula expression for the Related Books virtual column of the Authors table with this instead:

  IN([_THISROW], [Author Name])
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Thanks @Steve for the prompt reply!

I am sorry I didn’t say it earlier but when I changed the [Author Name] column from Ref type to EnumList type, the Related Books virtual column vanished. The column pops up on changing the type to Ref again. But I cannot keep it Ref type as Ref won’t allow to add more than one author name.
Therefore, I am unable to apply your solution since Related Books column has vanished. I am sorry for missing this part in the question.

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That’s fine. Just create a new virtual column with whatever name you like and use the expression I provided as the App formula.


It works! Can’t thank enough @Steve for much help!

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