Bot and execute a sequence of actions


I can’t seem to find an action that is a grouped action: execute a sequence of actions when in my bot. is that a bug or by design?


You’ll need to show us what you mean.

To see the ability to add a Grouped set of Actions You need to:

  1. Add a new bot
  2. Configure the bot event
  3. Add a Step in the Process panel.
  4. Select “Run a Data Action”
  5. Then either select an Action you have already created OR scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list and select “Create an action”.
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So in my selction of actions i don’t have any grouped actions that i have created.

I have 2 grouped actions that i use without a bot but as mentioned, they are not available in the bot

The Bot and the Actions need to be operating against the same table. Check that you have the correct table set in the Bot Event. Also, the Process should have the same table. You can go to the Processes tab to check what the Process in the Bot is currently set for.

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