Bot Automation Event is not Working

I created a Bot Automation where when the status of a request is selected to be “Completed”, that particular row gets copied to an “Archive” table and then that row is deleted from the “In Progress” table. For some reason the automation is not working even though the condition for the event that is being tested to run the automation is true ([Status] = “Completed”].

When I manually run the “add to this row to another table” process and “Delete this Row” process it works fine.

Could you point me to what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.

More than likely the issue is with some semantics in your implementation. Check that columns names have square brackets, correct spelling, etc. If all of that still checks out then posting details of your implementation will be needed to help analyze further.

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Can you share a screen shot of your event & process configuration?

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I was able to figure of what the issue was as I had my conditional statement incorrect. Thank you.